Florida Criminal Justice Reform: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities, November 2017


This report, entitled “Florida Criminal Justice Reform: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities,” is an effort to help Florida’s citizens and policy makers understand the nature of some of the problems found in the criminal justice system, notably resulting in a dangerous, expansive and expensive prison system. 

The report shows who is going to prison and why, and who is in prison and for how long. It also suggests opportunities for reform. It reveals disparities that suggest that how the justice system treats you may depend more on where you live than what you do and illustrates the history of prison expansion in Florida. 

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What Will it Take to End Mass Incarceration (in Florida)? , June 2017

A data-driven presentation using Florida prison data to answer the following question: What drove mass incarceration in Florida? 


Reforming Florida's Pretrial Decisionmaking, March 2017


This article, published in the Journal of the James Madison Institute, detailed the scale, cost, and public safety imperative of modernizing Florida’s pretrial and bail decisions, notably through the use of validated actuarial risk assessments. Also recognized were statutory impediments and data collection gaps. 

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